Sharon, NYC


The most important thing people should know about working with Kimberly is that she will surprise you. Whatever your expectations are going in, you will walk out with knowledge you didn't even know to ask for.

Suzanne, Washington, DC



I am an organized person but my husband needed help with our garage and by having the two of you work together it is now organized and easy to maintain.  You work incredibly well with older people in quickly and decisively managing their possessions and what to get rid of.
You have an incredible ability to get to the root of a problem/roadblock, encourage people to talk about issues and then work to resolve them without clients thinking it was a you solve/I solve the problem.  It was a joint collaboration and a wonderful way to look at different ways to get past roadblocks/issues.  You never judged thoughts but always encouraged looking at all issues in a different way and opening light bulbs in my mind when I didn’t know there was a switch.  I honestly looked forward to our calls and work.

Kathy, Los Angeles


I was worried that you would come in with your own agenda and not listen to my needs.  Fortunately you were quite the opposite.  You not only concentrated on my needs and hidden fears, but pulled them out of me with gentle and insightful questions.  You are honest and I always felt you had my best interest at heart…that the money was secondary to you.  You have a wonderful, cheerful, contagious positive personality.  You are also direct in a very positive took control which gave me confidence in you.   I like the way you also shared things about yourself. 

Liz, North Carolina

If someone finds themselves stuck in a loop or in a sudden fall, Kimberly provides an emotionally safe place to be vulnerable and if they sit still with themselves and her handy dandy tool kit, they will be better off for it.  She is kind and patient and without judgment. My practice of staying present has profoundly grown with the addition of the question, "is this true?

Lauren, Studio City

Whether you're buried under a mountain of papers, clothes, accessories or just plain crap OR you feel the need for a better way to work/live, CALL THIS WOMAN!

Kimberly is a great gal with innovative ideas and an innate talent for designing a space just for you. She came to my home office because my non-profit had expanded past my dining room table and I wasn't sure what to do with the limited space I had.

She began by asking me simple questions about how I'd like to feel while working in the space, and by the end on ONE HOUR I had an Executive-style space that had me feeling productive and inspired!

She is also great to have around before you move to solve problems -- like, "where the heck are we gonna put THAT?" and other fond exclamations during relocation!

Kristine, Topanga Canyon

Kimberly came and organized my office when I moved into a new house. I wanted to get my new office right, and couldn't figure out how to do it on my own. She did a great job. Not only did she help with paper flow and general organization, she also helped with book shelves, lighting, bulletin boards, filing, and so much more. I will definitely use Kimberly again.