We are more than the sum of the clothes in our closets and the thoughts in our heads


You are at your wit’s end with your stuff and space, right?  You think, “I am just not an organized person.” “It’ll never be any different, I’m just messy.”  In your space you are frustrated, stymied, and inefficient. 

That’s where I come in. I help you re-discover, embrace and build your personal way of doing things. You end up with a system that frees you from feeling pain around your belongings and your environment.

The dual approach of coaching and organizing means that it can stick.


Here’s how it works:


Without outside influence, you know what works best, but that knowledge is covered up with years of trying to do things other people’s ways.


Learn to see the strengths and appreciate the magic of your way.



Create long-lasting systems that bring calm and efficiency to your daily routines and environments.

Start from the inside. Clean there first. It makes all the difference.